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As hard as we try to maintain a friendly environment, there seems to be no way to avoid conflict. We have been fortunate in that the members have generally followed the guidelines and are considerate of each other. That said, we still have the need to moderate discussions and periodically take action.

To avoid conflicts and preserve integrity Please abide by the following guidelines.

  1. Do not use Last Names!!! Any post containing full name of any AA member will be deleted no exceptions!
  2. Take responsibility: Use your real first name and last initial or nick name in the from field. A post to a forum from an anonymous user may be deleted or someone claiming to be someone they are not will be deleted. Keep in mind that we keep track of the computer that posts to a forum and will ban IP addresses of users that abuse the site lets keep it clean.
  3. If you have a gripe with the group a person or this site feel free to post your opinions in Sobriety group fashion but fowl language will not be posted this is a public website and we must protect young persons who may be viewing this site
  4. Avoid directing comments to a particular person direct them to the subject or topic Principles before personalities.

If a message is posted and the moderator feels it is inappropriate they have the option of editing or deleting the message.

If a thread turns ugly, it may be best to just post a message asking them to read the forum guidelines. and close the thread so that no more messages can be posted to it.

Occasionally, a person may elect to have a personal comment made about them or by them removed to do so contact us.