History Page 8

Sobriety Group History Page 8

Excerpts of Group History Submitted May 1990

  • People like Reds (33 years), “5 minutes more” Andy and his damn clock, Lisa who contributed curtains, time, effort and cleaning, Ham and Clair who hooked up after sobering up, Mary W. who always gave … and those that are not mentioned but who will always remain in the Heart.
  • As time progressed, the meetings expanded to lunchtime, then a morning meeting and then a midnight meeting, then a Step meeting, then a Big Book meeting until today with 31 meetings weekly. David B. said, “WOW! Who would have ever dreamed.”
  • A Key story. Initially the only key to Sobriety was held by the Yearly Chairperson David B. (15 years). David comments that he was not a “Happy Camper” but he sure was sober. Continuing, one evening in early winter when there was a heavy snowstorm and my car wouldn’t start I walked from Southampton to open up for the meeting, that was the breaking point. At the next business meeting an “assertive” motion was passed that more keys be circulated. Since then the “Keys” have been just another of the groups problems.
  • Speaking of snow, one evening at Jacksonville Road, a member came and the steps were covered so he grabbed a broom and cleaned them off. When he went back in, the “Cane” asked him if it was still coming down, he responded by asking, “did you ever see it go up?”, the Cane got a resentment and left!
  • The “old” place shared the building with Bell Tone Hearing Aid. One day a gentleman sat through a portion of the speaker’s story and finally asked the guy next to him, “Is this the hearing aid place?” He thought it was the waiting room.
  • One of the great AA slogans is, Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.” A lady raised her hand and asked if she was allowed to speak if she was having a heart attack. She did indeed have a heart attack. Mary W. took her to the hospital, the attendants could not figure how such a good friend as Mary did not know the lady’s last name, where she lived or any other personal facts. That’s real AJV. and Anonymity at work. The lady made it, thanks H. P.
  • Andy S. is notorious for his “Give it five minutes more!” lecture during a meeting. He also recites his phone number OS 2-5262 with the instructions to let it ring ten times because it takes him that long to get to the phone, if you were calling from out of town you can call collect. When Andy finally answers the phone you have to ask his permission to drink, he would say no of course. One day a young lady called him collect from Germany, he accepted the call and she did not drink.