History Page 7

Sobriety Group History Page 7

95 Jamesway 119A (Rear) 1/1/2001 to Present

After moving to the rear the group was a little harder to find.
95 Jamesway 119A (Rear) Southampton Pa

After moving to the rear the group was a little harder to find
if you were new but the location was better suited for our
needs. It kept the landlord from complaining about people
hanging outside ruining the grass and leaving cigarette butts
all over. It also allowed us to have three designated handicap
parking spots directly across from the entrance.

Inside 119A Sobriety Group

The group is stable and continues to carry its message to the Alcoholic who still suffers inside and outside the rooms.
We work hard to ensure we do what we can to make AA available in our community. We thankful for being blessed with the longevity of a group and thank the founders and all those who did so much hard work to lay a solid foundation of personal and group prosperity through the Steps and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and will continue so long as our ultimate authority allows.
A loving God as he expresses himself through our group conscience.

As Of 1/01/2008 Sobriety Holds 37 Meetings Per Week One Group Conscience