History Page 6

Sobriety Group History Page 6

95 Jamesway #119 Southampton PA

95 Jamesway #119 (Front) Southampton
95 Jamesway #119 (Front) Southampton
Inside Suite 119 Southampton
Inside 95 Jamesway #119
Take notice of the Smoke Eater in the ceiling soon the smoking controversy would end not by us but by outside authority.
1/1/1996 to 12/31/2000

Although there was a lot of controversy about the move to Southampton fears of the group losing attendance not being able to afford the rent and so on the group continued to prosper and carry the message as well as support AA as a whole. Sobriety group since its beginning was always and hopefully will continue to be a service oriented group with members growing into strong foundations rich in the traditions and involved in District Area and Intergroup Committees. As a large group we began to publish our own meeting directories and went from hosting to adopting the local Detox meeting. Many of the groups reoccurring difficulties have been resolved by the time we reached this location there was plenty of parking, smoking was at evening meetings only and eventually to beginners meetings only this was because of the other businesses we shared t he building with. It was a commercial location not retail so hanging out was no longer an issue except during the smoke breaks people would pour out onto the lawn and the landlord complained we killed his grass. And thanks to the moving committee we had a five-year lease, this is tough for an organization that has no leaders. We grew into the new millennium and the group covered its expenses and still could contribute to GSO Intergroup Area 59 and District. Our next move came at the end of our 5 year lease but ended up being the shortest move to date. Although a moving committee looked into other locations we could not find one to meet our needs as this one did the landlord offered to rent us the back half of the same building and we accepted it. We literally Cut a hole in the wall and at the end of a meeting carried all our chairs and belongings from one side to the other. We have been here since and the group is now completely non-smoking by order of the fire marshal clean well lit insured and well attended. With the exception of the midnight meetings that dwindled and eventually died off in early October 2007 we now have 7:00 am meetings every day.