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Sobriety Group History Page 5

The strange nature of group with the problems of a clubhouse makes our primary purpose difficult at times. People slept in the building, parking is a consistent problem, Rehabs send folks with all types of addictions these "other folks" get resentments because Sobriety maintains the A.A. Singleness of Purpose and draws a very "hard core" AA. Line. Contributions have "disappeared", people have walked out and some have been thrown out. Sobriety has had its fair share of Bleeding Deacons, Pour Little Old Me's and Mr.& Mrs. AAs. However, at the core of the masses are those who are strong with AA tradition and service minded.

279 E Countyline Rd. Warminster 7/1/1991 to 12/31/1995

Next to Nickels Are location on Countyline Rd was to this date most conducive to our needs.Next to Nickels
Are location on Countyline Rd was to this date most conducive to our needs. A large room only one bathroom but a large intensive care room and storage area. It was located about 30 feet from a local pub that had its unique disadvantages at times but it was in the back side of the shopping center with plenty of parking not to bother other businesses. There was a slight raise in grade from the entrance to the portion of the room that the main meeting was held If you walked in on a 8:30 pm meeting you could see a wall of smoke. That was probably the biggest issue with this location elaborate ventilation system was designed and installed to vent smoke as well as the size of the group got the attention of the fire marshal who demanded emergency lighting and panic push panel door locks.

Theft continued to be a problem for the group and many different plans to combat it where implemented this was the location that non-duplicating security keys were put into use. It was Sobriety Groups policy since the late 70’s that if you had 90 days you could purchase a key for a dollar. It was a right of passage you have 90 days get a key and chair the meeting. We also did various things with the safe till we ended up with the very large drop top safe we still use today. Then the thieves just started to chair and not turn in envelopes. Insurance liability also became a concern it was required by the landlord and by the township it was also a problem for other groups as well because churches would require it to have meetings. Even with the growing groups problems we made great strides in fulfilling our primary purpose. For a period of time the group hired a Sign Language interpreter for our beginners meetings, Members sought out Spanish and Russian literature for non English speaking people that needed help, the group hosted a Detox meeting and started a group at a local rehab center, the rooms would stay open around the clock for holidays that tend to be difficult for many of us, if you found yourself at a meeting here on Thanksgiving you were sure to be met with a full turkey dinner as well. As always the actions of a few affected the many and late fall 1995 we got our notice we had to move again.