History Page 3

Sobriety Group History Page 3

Jacksonville Rd. (Dudlik’s) Hatboro 1984 to 8/1986

Jacksonville Rd Dudlik’s HatboroThings went smooth till the spring of 1986. Resentments grew officers resigned attendance was down. We found out the lease would not to be renewed on 5/14/1986 because of liability insurance issues so the official reason was. Other factor contributed to the lease not being renued but insurance was the biggest concern of the property owner. Committee formed 5/28/1986 George the Fence, Judy H, Paul J and Bill Rita replaced Bill. New location found 7/30/1996 Voted to take possession on 9/1/1986 (38 Yes 1 No) If we had to store stuff in the interim Jackie’s garage was available, everything had to be out of Dudlik’s by 8/2 Next Business meeting in the new Place.

There has been much controversy over Sobriety Group Closing and restarting at this point in our history however the records are accurate and consistent. Although there was much distention in the group April of 86 with many of the group officers resigning this was mostly over arguments about drug addicts and group guidelines or lack there of. People not being responsible for the room and bad behavior particularly at evening meetings. Although the group may have been chaotic it did remain consistent and survived made the transition almost seamlessly. The vote to move to 169 York Rd was 38 in favor 1 opposed. The record of the business meetings are accurate and preserved next business meeting was held at the new location on 9/3/1986.

169 York Rd. Warminster 9/1/1986 to 7/1/1987

The York Rd location was a short stop in the history of the Group. The York Rd location was a short stop in the history of the Group. Immediately after moving in there was a business meeting new officers were elected and immediately took over. New business: Motion: Split meetings (Unanimous), 5 min sharing (Unanimous), All past group conscience by-laws be abolished as of this date. (Unanimous), To review meeting schedule and bring changes back to next business meeting. (Unanimous), One Chair in Front Chairperson to move to back of room after. (Unanimous) And More
 A group inventory was taken on 10/1/1986 notes are in tact but typed copy cannot be found.