History Page 2

Sobriety Group History Page 2

A sign of the times:

Welcome to AA This is a closed meeting.Sobriety has it’s own very large framed sign announcing, “Welcome to AA”. It took six months to get group conscious to approve the sign. Some people took offense to the fact that the sign also states “Alcoholics Only”, and some still do. Over the years it has been covered with tape, brown paper bags put in the corner or faced the wall. It has instigated fights, discussion controversy but the “Sign” still maintains its place in the rooms of Sobriety Group.
Original Sign has moved to each location. Nicotine stained and still in used today photo taken 10/22/2007
Group Conscience 5/25/1988 The sign is to be tuned around during open AA meetings.

More meetings were started some ended and the group was growing. Sunday 2:00 Big book started November 1978 Friday midnight meetings were started in January of 1979. Problems that arose even early on were parking,
Smoking and smoke eaters, hanging out and abuse of the room, missing contributions and use of foul language. Not to mention problems not unique to AA like termites over flowing toilets replacing rugs cleaning and termites neighbors and trash. Despite growing pains more meetings were added and the group even tried being open around the clock but this did not work out. They did where able to stay open on holidays with the use of sign up sheets to cover the room. The lease at 5 Evergreen was ended in 1984 a moving committee was formed and a location on Jacksonville Rd was secured. Initially attendance dropped off after the move but the group under direction of its steering committee continued to go on and over come the difficulties that arose.