Group History

Sobriety Group History Page 1

Where It Started · First Meeting 8/3/1976
5 Evergreen Ave. Warminster 1976 to 1984

5 Evergreen Ave First Meeting LocationFounders:
Mike B., Eddie F., “Bad” Frank G., Ned M., Lou B., Charlie E., David B. & Rick M.
Reason for meeting:
The founders of Sobriety Group were solid AA’s but where not all that accepted at suburban meetings “We were nuttier than bed bugs” Eddie F said but those of us that got sober in the city missed the everyday meetings and “experience”.

There is lot of AA’s in the Hatboro, Warminster,. Southampton, Warrington area but no clubhouses. The need for a place that would be of service to the desperate was in need.
The Groups “planning” meetings were held in the Johnsville parking lot; Mike B. did most of the work. Once the lease was signed, there finally was a meeting place; a two floor cape cod building with no chairs, no coffee pot or coffee, no ash trays, a toilet that backed-up when it rained (discovered latter), etc.

At the first “unofficial” business meeting, things were getting hot and heavy (as is natural). Many were pessimistic, What if no one comes? Where are we going to get chairs? And so and so on until one member chimed in loudly, “YO, You people forget who’s running this @#$%^&* thing! Just leave it up to the H.P. and it will work or it won’t”. The tension broke and the decision to begin was made. That member was right, it started to work chairs were obtained from a local Church that was “coincidentally” getting new ones, everything else materialized; coffee and a pot, ash trays, people came, eventually literature appeared, and the collections sustained the group. The group started with Speaker/Discussion meetings each night at 8:30 pm.