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    If 9 out of 10 people say the color is purple than the color is most likely purple. With 9 months sober you really don’t know who your friends are. The only requirement for membership is the desire not to drink, it is not to find friends. At 9 months sober you better listen to all messangers because the messangers you don’t like is likley the one to save your life by telling you the truth. The messanger you don’t like might be the one telling you if you hang around dogs you might get fleas. If the rolllercoaster is too up and down than there is outside help. However hanging with the guys and having a good time is not getting sober, it is just another way of escaping your feelings. It is easy to get male attention in A.A- Beauty fates but respect grows. Good friends tell an alcholic the truth, others just tell them what they want to hear. A bar, even to dance is no place for a 9 month sober women. If your friends that you meet there are male and have a few years they are not being honest if they don’t tell you that. How good are your friend, are they watching your back, telling you A.A message or theirs? If they have a few years more sobriety and are a decade older why aren’t they really sharing the true message, I don’t think it is at Michaels- it can only be found in the rooms of A.A.


    Okay, I know exactly what you are saying and I bet I know who this is and you know what you can GO F%$K YOURSELF!!!!!!!! I am sober!!! And I have reall friends and I’m doing great living life and have absolutely no desire to drink. Don’t be jealous because I know how to have fun. If this is the right person why don’t you get off your ass and geta f#$%ing job!!! Join the real f$%#ing world!!!


    My bad. You know what why don’t you go sever another cocktail at the f%$#@ng bar!!! Your husband makes enough money you don’t even need to work but you continue to work at a bar!! You must be getting out of yourself. And you know what your not really helping me by telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. And who I should be talkingt to. I am having fun!! Something I never had when I was out there. I go to Michaels by my own free will. And they help me with my sobriety more than you know. All you did by displaying my information on this website so everyone can view it is piss me off and make me angry and F$%#ING HATE YOU. I said what I was talking to you about that night stayed between who ever was in that room some friend you are!!!


    Look, I’m sorry I should not have lashed out like that. I appreciate your concern. Thanks.



    Old saying " If you lie to an alcoholic you can kill them." Men with the men, Women with the women. These saying came about, because of people hard learned lessons. Check the motives. Why would anyone who stayed away from people, places and things encourage someone fairly new in sobriety to do the exact opposite?? Many times this kind of stuff has ended wih disasterous results. We don’t like to be told what to do, and we sometimes resent the very people who are taking the time to care and warn us of the hazards. If the true test of a persons sobriety was what kind of job they had, or what their economic statis was we’d all be in deep sh–. There are many heroes in AA, that are true examples of the program, humble, helpful, kind. What ever happened to everybody going to the diner? We are a mixed bunch, young and old, rich and poor. Go ask some of the people who have been around awhile how many people they’ve taken to a club with alcohol, to help them experience fun in sobriety!! 😕


    Yeah, Well who helped the first woman that came into AA? Also, in the big book it says if you have a good enough reason to be around alcohol it’s ok. I have a HEALTHY fear of alcohol. But I am not scared of it. My higher power is in my life. I love to go out dancing and meet people. There is nothing wrong with that. The last thing I think about when I’m out is a drink thanks to AA and my higher power. I’m trying to take direction and I appreciate the concerns but I’m gonna do what I wanna do anyway. The only thing I know is I don’t pick up a drink under any and all conditons. Thanks.



    Blind Men Don’t Go To Movies.

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