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    what can you say?
    Went with a group of guys to reds place near the ned of his life. He was passionate about staying sober and even though his circumstances were dim he wanted to help others…. One incident will forever stand out the day he screamed at Andy S. to shut up and start showing up on time. Peace Red

    well, this is a bit risky, and i won’t validate the truth of it, or how it really happened, but there is the legend of the great Reds/Devinney controversy it goes something like this…bill w. was supposed to have come to phila., and in true wilsonesque fashion, he stayed with someone (rather than spring for a hotel i guess)..anyhow, apparently the choice was between Reds and Devinney and he chose reds, and they never got along from that day on….well, that’s the story anyhow.

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