Gary and Pete

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    Gary and Pete
    Two alcoholics walk into a tavern at the same time. They step up to the
    bar and they each order a beer. As they strike up a conversation, they
    become quite excited:

    Gary: Gee, you look familiar. Are you from around here?
    Pete: Sure am. Lived here all my life. Grew up over on Truman Street.
    Gary: Is that so. I grew up on Truman, What school did you attend?
    Pete: I went to North Side Elementary and then Washington High
    Gary: Same here! This is amazing. I graduated in 1946.
    Pete: Now that is something. I graduated in ’46 too! My home room
    teacher was Miss Arnold.
    Gary: Well I’ll be. Miss Arnold was my home room teacher, too!!

    Just then, the phone rang and the bartender answered. It was his wife.
    "Are there many customers today?", she asked. "Naw", answered the
    bartender. "The only people here are me and the Johnson twins."

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