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    😕 Fellowship is a great thing. Can’t we all just get along. There are no big shots in A.A, no one person needs to watch over the group. After all that is what we have a higher power for. Lets not forget that our primary purpose -to carrie its message to the alcoholic who still suffers. our commn welfare should come first:personal recovery depends upon A.A. unity. Declaration of Unity THIS WE OWE TO A.A.’S FUTURE; TO PLACE OUR COMMON WELFARE FIRST; TO KEEP OUR FELLOWSHIP UNITED. FOR ON A.A. UNITY DEPEND OUR LIVES, AND THE LIVES OF THOSE TO COME. Please lets no forget this. No one person is in charge, we will lose A.A fellowship if we fight over dumb shit. All the supplies in the world will be no use if the fellowship gets lost. Also no need for any one person to feel the need to over-see, make sure rules are followed and to hurt poples feeling. Also no need for this person to seperate themseves from the fellowship.. Crazy Lets all make it a new day and be kind to one another, we are all working toward one goal getting sober staying sober. Lets not hurt one another in the name of pride and ego. Friday nights meeting was great and No one needed to check up to see what was going on. It makes me upset that people come to the 8:30 out of desperation , were there, and the moment they feel better they want to put us down. Come to the 8:30 and be a part but we don’t need any boss, we are doing just fine. [/i]



    In the words of Rodney King "Can’t we all just get along" . Remember some are sicker than others.



    I saw a TV commercial today depicting three boys throwing snowballs at vehicles almost causing an accident One boy realizes this is bad and before the next vehicle comes along starts a friendly snowball fight between the boys. So what does this have to do with fellowship? Well if you are at a meeting before during or after and there is Bad things being said or done what can you do to start a friendly snow ball fight? Strive to develop the ability to take the bad and figure out a way to change it to good is a way that we can be part of the solution otherwise we are the problem. Easier said than done but give it a try.



    Fellowship is huge and the nut hut has the closest fellowship I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. The really cool part that I’ve always appreciated is that we use each other as the proverbial "guinea pigs". Can you even begin to imagine the world outside of AA actually seeing us as we are? When in Rome do as the Romans; part of the life game I’ve found. I’ve come to see myself as a social misfit and without others like me I’d be doomed; singleness of purpose = Stay Sober for Today. Simple.


    All I can say is I love the fellowship. I am a social person and for some of the part of my sobriety I think I only stayed sober because of the friends I have made TRUE friends. Ones that aren’t too hung over to stick to the plans the next day, or don’t call til the weekends. Or the so called "friends" we had that we never hung out sober with. But unfortunately, one thing I have to learn is people are people and even though WE the fellowship share the same desire to stay sober we are all not going to like eachother. I wish we could. I hate hearing people talk bad about my friends in AA but I have to realize that it is their opinion and they are allowed to have. One thing I know is I will always respect the message I get from people in AA but I will not always respect the messenger. WE are all there for one reason and one reason only to stay sober.

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