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    Why do people try and make a name for themselves by putting others down. Can people not see when someone is knocking another sober A.A with a smile on there face while saying there doing a good job-BUT? My take on the business meeting is, Fuck Off , they love to bring up problems with officers who are not present. The lit position is open for the next Patsy who wants to be should on and put on because some people can only make themselves look better by puting others down. Try to remember A.A’s purpose is to get and keep people sober, if you want to be on a board and a big wig get a job. One that actually has a board . Just like those who sit and should on- I say go do something real like talk to a new person who needs help.



    Service freely given is often a thankless job, but a necessary one.Do we serve to make a difference, because we care that the newcomer has a room to go to, to find hope, whether it be thru a piece of literature, or a cup of coffee. Yes, there are those who take positions for the wrong motives, but should those with the right motives abandon the group to those few. For Many We Serve Because We Care! Somehow or another we all balance each other , A loving God is Truly in Charge. Service in AA , especially in Sobriety Group is often frustrating and thankless., But really God is in charge, and it is He and the newcomer whom we serve.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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