Reply To: Fellowship


All I can say is I love the fellowship. I am a social person and for some of the part of my sobriety I think I only stayed sober because of the friends I have made TRUE friends. Ones that aren’t too hung over to stick to the plans the next day, or don’t call til the weekends. Or the so called "friends" we had that we never hung out sober with. But unfortunately, one thing I have to learn is people are people and even though WE the fellowship share the same desire to stay sober we are all not going to like eachother. I wish we could. I hate hearing people talk bad about my friends in AA but I have to realize that it is their opinion and they are allowed to have. One thing I know is I will always respect the message I get from people in AA but I will not always respect the messenger. WE are all there for one reason and one reason only to stay sober.