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Is the official un-official website by members of but not authorized or supported by Sobriety Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Southampton, PA

This site is designed to be informative to those seeking help with an Alcohol problem but is also for the entertainment and sharing of our stories history and more. We are not AA Related comments posted to this site are not necessarily our opinions or the opinion of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a public forum and as such take care in protecting the anonymity of your friends in the fellowship. SobrietyGroup.com Is privately owned is in no way funded by or affiliated with A.A. and takes no responsibility for content posted by users of this site. If you like what is going on with this site please support us. If not, don’t use it. We do not use A.A. members last names to protect anonymity. Our hopes are that this will be a great source of experience strength and hope and fun and informative for all who visit.

Time will tell.

Updated from the original site we have taken care to prevent spam and advertising content that could prove to be more harm than good. However the advertisers on this site support keeping this site alive so please if you have a need feel free to use our advertisers services and this will help support SobrietyGroup.com. In keeping the site up to date we had to do a lot of site rebuilding after we were attacked by a spam-bot that was posting undesired links on all our forum pages and guest book. Our new forums, Blogs and Guest books have built in security features to protect the integrity of the site and your personal information. Be sure to check out our updated privacy policy and terms of use and guidelines. All postings are anonymous but you will need to use a valid email address to register for the various features of the site. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone and you will only be contacted if there is a problem with something you post or if you request to be contacted.

Lets Do This Right

SobrietyGroup.com has potential to be a very good source of recovery insight and fun. Feel free to register for the forum share jokes and stories read comments and add your opinions. Also for those of you with a lot on your mind join our Recovery Blog and share with us more in depth. Have Fun and Enjoy the Site !!!